League of Legends World Championships Competitors- 2018

The 2018 League of Legends World Championships kicks off on the 1st of October and by the look of it, we are in for an exciting event. The conclusion of the 2018 LoL eSports season has led us up to this point where 24 teams are invited to participate in one of the world’s largest tournaments.

This year, the teams hail from all corners of the globe, with 12 teams automatically qualifying for the group stage, while the remaining 12 will compete in the play-in round for a chance to compete against their higher-ranked opponents.

Here is a breakdown of the League of Legends eSports teams participating this year:


As the hosts of the 2018 event, is fitting then that Korea have three LoL eSports teams who will be starting their campaign with a group stage entry. Leading the region will be KT Rolster, who qualified as top seed by becoming the 2018 LCK Summer Champion. After a sketch 2016 and 2017 season, the team is back in full force and is Koreas greatest chance at the Summoner’s Cup.

Seeded second for Korea is Afreeca Freecs, who got their first taste of international stardom when they upset SK Telekom in the 2016 LCK summer split. They qualified for this year’s group stage taking top points in the season.

Korea’s final League of Legends eSports team is Gen G. This is an up and coming team who made it all the way through to the regional finals and certainly have a good set of tools at their disposal.


China has three teams competing in this year’s League of Legends World Championships, with two teams automatically qualifying for the group stage. Seeded top is Royal Never Give up who reached the semi-finals in 2017 before crashing out in spectacular style. They qualified as LPL Summer champion and will be heading straight for the group stage. Next up is Invictus Gaming, who qualified with the top season points. China’s Play-in team is EDward Gaming who reached the 2018 regional finals.

North America

North America has two teams in the Group Stage and one in the Play-in round. Leading the pack is Team Liquid who qualified after becoming the NA LCS Summer Champion. After a shocking year in 2017, the team is back to their best and ready to compete for the League of Legends World Championships Cup. Their regional teammates are 100 Thieves who topped the points log for the season. After a shaky start in 2017, the team remerged at the end of 2017 and has been climbing the ranks ever since. The North American Play-in team is Cloud 9 who were the best performing NA team at the 2016 event, they are back after reaching the regional finals.


Europe also has two League of Legends eSports teams in the Group Stage with Fnatic top seeded after winning the EU LCS Summer Championship. They had a bad year in 2017 and will hope to improve on past Championship performances. Second seed for Europe is Team Vitality with the highest season points. They will be a team to watch for after an overhaul of their core structure. Spanish team G2 eSports will be part of the Play-in teams after reaching the regional European finals.

LMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao)

The LMS Summer Champion will be heading up this group. The Flash Wolves will hope to make an impression after a few years of working on team management. Taiwan’s MAD Team will also be in the Group Stage after racking up the most LMS season points. This will be their first shot at the League of Legends World Championships. Third seed and the team in the Play-in Group is G-Rex from Hong Kong.


Taking up the final spot in the automatic group stage qualifiers is Phong Vũ Buffalo from Vietnam. The team earned their spot by becoming the 2018 VCS Summer Champions. They will be in Group A along with Flash Wolves and Afreeca Freecs.

Play-in Teams

The Play-in group stage for 2018 will feature 12 LoL eSports teams from nations around the globe. While we have already covered some of the contenders from China, Europe, North America and LMS, there plenty of other teams ready to compete for a spot in the Group Stage.

From Brazil KaBuM! will be in pool 2 after becoming the CBLOL Winter Champion. From CIS Gambit ESports will join them in pool 2. From Latin America North, Infinity eSports qualified after becoming the LLN Closing Champion. Turkey also have a Play-in team with SuperMassive eSports qualifying as the TCL Summer Champion. From Japan, DetonatioN FocusMe will taking their shot at the League of Legends World Championships title after qualifying as the LJJ Summer Champion.

Latin America South also has a team with Kaos Latin Gamers making their way to the Play-in pool 3. They got there by becoming the 2018 CLS Closing Champion. From Oceana, the Australian Dire Wolves will be joining in as well as Ascension Gaming from Southeast Asia.

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