How 5G Is About To Change Sports Betting

February 13, 2020

- Grant Whittington

The impact of 5G extends well beyond the boundaries of standard telecommunications. Initially developed to respond to the ever-increasing demands posed by tele-communicative industries by providing a connection that is low in latency, high in band-width communication and perhaps most crucial of all, highly reliable, 5G promises a global solution that will extend far beyond the original intent behind the technology. In fact, and according to recent research conducted among sports bettors living in the UK, the US and Germany, the availability of a 5G connection will have a major impact on mobile sports betting and especially in-game mobile sports betting.

Recently, payment service provider Paysafe made available a research report examining the impact of 5G on mobile sports betting. The results are nothing short of staggering. Some 48% of the research participants indicated that would be more likely to bet an in-game wager via a mobile betting app in the event that they had access to 5G connectivity at a game. Moreover, 41% indicated that their in-play sports betting would in all likelihood increase with the availability of 5G.

Lags & Delays Are Concerning

The main concern appears to be that of the lag. 22% of all sports bettors questioned throughout the course of the survey indicated that they were particularly worried about delayed bets when wagering at proposed outcomes and results at live sports events.

Nearly a fifth (19%) of the participants indicated a sense of concern about the strength of their internet connections when placing a wager via their mobile device. Only 18% of all sports bettors consider the available information at their disposal during any given game or match to be sufficient when serving information purposes for betting.

No Slowing Down Here

For many bettors the difference between desktop and mobile technology is that of being to make payments on the move. At the end of the day, a combination of readily available information, a no-lag, no-delays response, instant and secure payment capabilities and all-round access to bets and payment methods represent the make or the break of the matter.

Study participants were furthermore quite outspoken about the fact that if 5G were to come to their shores; and specifically, at the games and matches that they are attending at any given time, they will in all likelihood bet way often.

5G Means Opportunity

But not only do players feel more at ease with betting more often when internet connectivity is functioning at maximum capacity,, bettors also indicated all throughout the course of the survey that they would also feel more prone to wager higher bets in the event of reliable 5G. And so, it’s clear as day that what all of this means; and referring specifically to the outcome of Paysafe’s research; is that 5G is bound to free up multiple growth opportunities for those offering online sports betting products to punters.

Folks are naturally more inclined to engage with any given system when it works free of any hiccups. This is especially true whenever there is money involved. It’s a reasonable statement to say that nobody enjoys parting with cash when there is uncertainty regarding whether its money well-spent or money simply thrown into the water.

A bright and promising future awaits bettors and online bookmakers alike and its all thanks to a promise of reliable and fast bandwidth. The age of 5G is officially upon us and judging by the outcome of Paysafe’s study and repot, we won’t be looking back and longing for the way things were any time in the near future. 5G is here to stay – the bettors said so.

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