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Bookies Back Ben Stokes for BBC SPOTY Award

Ben Stokes is a living legend. Anyone disputing the fact has no doubt been living in a cordoned-off isolation chamber. The man near single-handedly stuck it to the Ashes lifted on high England to one of the most glorious cricket victories in the history of the game. And suffice to say, the bookies are hearing all about why the world thinks that Ben Stokes will this year be named BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY).

But rewinding back to the days before the sensational win over Australia, Stokes was already the firm SPOTY favourite. This was as early as December of last year. Those who were back then already willing to put their money on the prediction that the New Zealand-born players would go on to reign popular-victorious are the true tellers of the fortune.

Primed For Fame

Stokes is now perfectly primed to become the first cricket player to have won the Sports Personality of the Year award in 14 years. That’s no small achievement, not even when measured up alongside catapulting one’s country to what is regarded as cricket heaven and the ultimate glory. Ushering in another golden age in cricket appears to be imminent and England is more than happy to be leading this particular race.

The problem (or blessing) with being truly British is that we regard cricket as belonging to England. This may be true but the problem lies with the off-on emergence of another country intent on challenging the universal proof and lifting our fair country form the cricket champion’s cushion.

We don’t look kindly on this kind of saucy behaviour and we’re not afraid to say it or show it either. Being able to vote for our favourite saviour of the bat and ball is in a way the human embodiment and manifestation of out most heartfelt belief: the one that preaches the happy gospel of cricket belonging to Britain and to the English nation. We’re ultimately ready to part with actual money to prove a point.

And prove a point we will if the bookies are correctly interpreting the odds.

Might Hamilton Contest?

But let us not cast completely to the wayside the F1 wonder named Lewis Hamilton. Even so, Hamilton has now been demoted to a lower level on the odds-ladder. We love Hamilton and we love speed and crushing the corners but Stokes remains a soft heart target and an all-time firm SPOTY favourite.

And really, why not? He did after all re-instate the land of roses to its rightful position on the world champion’s mantelpiece. England’s photo is up and its numbers nowhere near finished on the brim. Ben Stokes is the man of the hour and we would like to see him win a SPOTY. End of story.

Smiles To SPOTY Bets All Round

The final ball had barely been thrown or Ben Stokes had shot to the top of the favourites list. Money was spent, the odds were swung completely in his favour and bettors and bookies alike are in various stages laughing all the way to the bank. But on a personal level, Stokes deserves to receive what the bookies have already decided to bestow upon the man. A national hero, the player really showed his steel and character in the nail-biting final against the Ashes.

Stokes is a name now etched into the pages of cricket history and many will benefit if the bookies do have it right. And we suspect that they do, but we’ll only know for certain on the 15th of December when the awards are held at the Genting Arena in Birmingham

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