Betting A Lifeline To Smaller Footy Clubs

August 07, 2020

- Grant Whittington

Football shares a significant and exceptionally close relationship with the sports betting industry, and by default, also with bookmakers.

Not only is football the number one sport in the world by sheer player-numbers and support, but it is also, quite naturally considering its massive popularity from a viewership’s point of view, the single sport most gambled on. In the world.

Not only do betting sponsorships without a doubt boost this ongoing relationship between popularity and gambling revenue, but more importantly, they (sports betting sponsorship deals) also create enormous opportunities for some of the sport’s smaller clubs and leagues in terms of “being seen”.

Betting Equals Livelihood

Since public attention is nothing short of money and life-sustaining revenue in raw-form, many clubs would simply not have been able to exist long-term had it not been for people betting on football.

Let it be said, and frankly so at that, that the only reason many people care so very much about which team wins and which team loses (and oftentimes “by how many goals”), is that they’ve got actual money hanging in the balance.

English sports bettors, especially, are exceptionally fond of betting not exclusively only on Premier League games and outcomes, but even more so on League Two and other lower league games. English bettors even go as far as showing a propensity towards betting on foreign minor football leagues and clubs.

Travelling Back In Time

When attempting to establish where our fondness for betting on smaller clubs originates from, it’s important to keep in mind the natural progression of things when a sports bettor first starts out betting on a sport. The general swing of things is to “start small” because of the high risk of losing due to inexperience. And more often than not, starting small means betting on a Scottish Division Two game instead of a major EPL tournament. Betting on small teams, week after week after yet another week, has become an integral part of the sports betting learning curve.

All of the above ultimately leads to people discussing those clubs and leagues they would most likely not otherwise have had on their radar had it not been for sports betting. Smaller clubs as a general rule find it difficult to generate sufficient interest – sports betting is often the only reason people outside of their immediate physical vicinities are even aware of their existence in the first place.

When looking at the relationship between the sustainability of sports and bookmakers offering gambling sponsorships, one cannot help but gain a fresh new perspective on the actual state of affairs.  

England – And Also Beyond

It should also be mentioned that the benefits associated with being seen aren’t restricted to England only. Thanks to modern-day streaming technology, all European leagues as well as most lesser leagues from around the world, have started to benefit from people betting on sports.

And the only reason smaller clubs are even able to live-stream their games and events, is because of the involvement of the bookmakers – the involvement of sports betting sponsorships. Smaller clubs and leagues would not in a million years have been able to pull off the global live streaming of games all on their own. Their resources simply do not allow luxury engagements.

It all comes down to this: football can never go back to what it was before the rise of sports betting and gambling partnerships. It simply cannot afford to. Sports betting sponsorships play a vital role in the survival of football clubs and leagues in the UK and the world over.

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