Betway Secures Significant Bundesliga Deal

September 09, 2020

- Grant Whittington

Major UK sportsbook operator Betway has just confirmed having secured yet another significant new sponsorship deal alongside a big-league sports franchise.

The latest sponsorship feather in Betway’s cap is none other than German Bundesliga football club Hertha BSC. Now contractually bound to Hertha BSC for an initial three-year period, the operator will act as the official Hertha BSC commercial partner until the conclusion of the 2022-23 German football season.

What It Means For Betway

Since Betway is now the official sports betting partner of the famous German football franchise, the bookie will enjoy all of the benefits associated with big-franchise sports partnerships, including that of the placement of electronic big-promo advertisement boards inside Hertha BSC’s official Olympiastadion home stadium in bustling Berlin.

And it’s the creation of a brand awareness among German football fans Betway CEO Anthony Werkman says he and the rest of the Betway team are immensely looking forward to. Hertha BSC is a club absolutely immersed in centuries-long German sports tradition, said Werkman, which obviously only makes the recently sealed sponsorship deal all that more exciting, not to mention significant.

To now be in a position to work alongside a club such as Hertha, said Werkman, is absolutely the result of a fantastic opportunity perfectly seized by the leading bookmaker.

Betway Equals Reliability

As for Hertha BSC, Betway very much represents proven success in big-sports sponsorships. This according to the German Bundesliga club’s financial director, Ingo Schiller. Betway has proven itself to be a reliable partner, and has done so via several years of having been actively involved in the global sports market. The value of such stability, concluded Schiller, is especially now more prominently recognised than ever before. Such is obviously the nature of the current economic climate – and especially so as far as major sports franchises all around the world are concerned.

Meanwhile Back Home

Betway’s Bundesliga sponsorship news just so happens to come at a most precarious gambling sponsorships time back home in the UK.

Not only are football sports betting and gambling operator sponsorships currently active and ongoing,  for the first time in many years showing a decline in numbers, but to make matters just so much worse, the UK’s House of Commons is pushing harder than ever before for an outright ban to be imposed on gambling sports franchise sponsorships.

There are at this present moment only 19 top-level football clubs standing in partnership with  gambling operators. Top-level football clubs of course referring to Premier League and EFL Championship clubs.

The latest figures represent a stunning 43% decline in big-sports betting sponsorship numbers when compared to those registered only 4 years ago. This ultimately means that present numbers represent a 4-year all-time low on the betting sponsorships front in the United Kingdom – a thing of extreme worry for English football, and especially when talking in terms of domestic football clubs.

When all is said and done, all of this means that the 2020-21 English football season is the first of its kind to see a decline in gambling sports franchise sponsorships in 8 years.

No Surviving Without Sponsors

In the event that gambling sponsorships and logos appearing on the fronts of team jerseys are banned back home, England football has said it fears the absolute worst being about to happen at club level. Many clubs simply will not survive such a ban – all the more so in a wonky economic climate such as the one prevalent right now.

Love it or hate it, gambling sponsorships are to many England domestic leagues and clubs the sole remaining lifeline keeping the ship afloat.

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