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Boris Shaking It Up For The Bookies

A November UK general election seems imminent. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been pushing hard for an October poll, but appears to have ruffled more feathers than intended by being his hard-headed unapproachable self. This sudden muddle-up has shifted more than just the personal constitutions of those in parliament. A right storm in a teacup has broken loose in the world of bets. “This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go” is the nature of the complaints that can now be heard echoing in the passageways.

Even so, it is what it is, and whether or not Britain will leave the not-so-warm embrace of the EU with anything to show for its efforts in terms of a divorce settlement is now very much up in the air. 50/50 isn’t exactly the stuff that money-making odds are made of. Bookmakers now find themselves to be clutching at all manners of eventualities and scrambling in order to ensure that more appropriate bet lines are in place. Fresh election odds are expected to pop up like wild mushrooms and quite soon.

So What Changed?

The shift came about quite recently when MPs indicated their distaste in what Boris is proposing in terms of a mid-October snap local election. In order to pull of a snap election, the Prime Minister must rally up support to the tune of at least 75% of the votes of the House of Commons. This hasn’t happened and so Boris won’t be getting his way.

The concern appears to be that of Boris being a modern-day slight of hand politician, which really when you think about it, is very much the worst possible variety of leader. Various of the members of the House of Commons have expressed the fear that slithery Boris would try and push through a no-deal Brexit during the course of the election campaign.

And really, isn’t this exactly why Boris pushed with all his might for an October 15 poll?

Protected By The House

It certainly isn’t a bad thing that we’ll probably never know now that MPs have voted in the opposite direction. Sometimes not knowing is best. The fact that Boris refused to issue to the house a guarantee that Brexit proceedings would be stayed until after the election campaign already says more than enough either way.

Johnson has in the meantime stated his intention of heading off to Brussels to resume negotiations with regards to bringing about a soft exit. The Prime Minister has shown himself to be a right hothead in politics, especially where Brexit is involved. The House of Commons most definitely saw the entire thing coming and only must managed to steer the cart away from the river.

Long Live The Queen

But the crisis is far from being completely diverted and a long and winding road continues to lay in the waiting for all who travel on it. Not that most of us have much of a say in the participation decision. We’re here now, after all. What a trying time to be tied to the world’s most famous monarch.

It will be interesting to see exactly what the bookies come up with now that the odds have been shaken right down to their foundations. We may be in for a rough ride but on the flip side of the coin, change is never all bad.

Brexit may turn out to be the best thing to have happened to Britain yet. The bookies are willing to bet on it, so perhaps all isn’t lost after all

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