Brexit Set To Do Sports Betting A Favour

August 08, 2019

- Grant Whittington

There may yet be a few up-sides to Britain’s perceived inability to divorce itself from the European Union. Not to mention Britain having had to make peace with its new PM, Boris Johnson, the man who was not too long ago tagged as the very person least likely to enjoy the support or the vote of young Brits. But Johnson is living proof that something good is able to come from Brexit after all, and it has much to do with the after-effects of his cabinet-reshuffle.

That something good’s name is Conservative MP Rebecca Pow, and she is particularly interested in sports, and is feverishly enthusiastic about horse racing.

Pow A Regular At The Races

Pow, now 58, was born in Bath in Somerset. An avid cricket and horseracing supporter, the MP greatly enjoyed looking on as Simona Halep pulled a rabbit from Wimbledon’s hat not too long ago. Her love for sports, and particularly for horse racing; she happens to be a regular at Taunton, her at-home racecourse; no doubt developed during her early years thanks to her having grown up on a working farm in rural England.

To this end, she not only has a passion for horses and a day at the races, but also for farmers and the English farmer’s community. Talk about a wonderfully positive association; food security and betting on horses.

The Word Is Out On Gambling

Whilst Pow may not have publicly added her voice to the recent gambling debate, it’s in all likelihood because of her having had bigger fish to fry thanks to a need for a push on the environmental-issues front. Theresa May did after all make a big deal out of climate change.

Its uncertain to what extent Johnson’s new Under-Secretary of State of Arts, Heritage and Tourism will support a complete gambling and betting reform on British soil, but that the foundation is present in the very blood running through Pow’s veins is no national secret.

And on that particular note, one cannot help but wonder why exactly Pow, and not Minister of Sports Nigel Adams, has been tasked with overseeing the development and oversight of the gambling laws formulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Not that anyone’s complaining, of course. The UKGC has been clamping down heavily recently, and has just tightened licence standards once again. This show of force is to be respected, but it may also need to be balanced at some stage, and Pow is certainly up to the task. Sports betting is an integral part of British culture and when regulated properly it can benefit all sides. The USA’s abolishment of the PASPA law is already proving this, and if Pow and the UKGC can work together, then there certainty will be a brighter side to Brexit, especially considering several gambling brands have already made cautionary moves away from the UK in an effort to protect their business.

A Double Whammy

Interestingly, despite Pow taking up the challenge of overseeing gambling laws and regulatory frameworks, Nigel Adams is also a horse racing man. He too will no doubt play a leading role in moving the pawns of change ever so swiftly along the chequered board. With Adams and Pow steering all things sports, betting and gambling related along swiftly and effectively, the sports betting community is voicing a national feeling of tentative optimism; and for good reason too.

The hope is that two powerful new voices of reason in parliament will do for horse racing and sports betting in the UK what New Jersey’s dogged tenacity did for legalised sports betting in the US.

With that having been said, a powerful voice is often at first considered a voice in the wilderness. And if ever there was wild country, then let it be said that betting on professional and amateur sports leads the way by a mile and more

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