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Bookies Have The Conservatives Out In Front

Boris Johnson’s smooth and cunning antics doubling up as right royal British shenanigans the likes of which the modern world has not yet seen may have been the undoing of a favourable exit (and may prove to be exactly this yet!), but according to the bookies, this hasn’t tarnished conservative popularity one bit. All expectations on the betting-on-politics front indicate that the conservatives are in for a solid UK election win. If a win is indeed what this must be referred to in any event.

The Tories made magic when they headed into the polls a near unbelievable 10 points ahead of Labour, which in and of itself says a lot regarding the anticipated outcome. History has been a firm and unforgiving teacher in this regard, what with a failure to play catch-up having been a constant theme running like a not-so-silver thread all throughout British political volatility.

More Mind The Gap?

What with the lead now having gained even more of a gap-like momentum at a stunning 12 points ahead of the pack, bookies estimate that Johnson’s victory is a done deal in the making. The odds have been shifted and the online bookmakers have spoken. Let no man contest what the age-old predictors of all that is of any significant value have held to the people as forecast much in the same way as a new heir dangled before a king’s country.

In fact, so significant has the shift in majority popular opinion been, that it’s been the makings of a complete turn-around. This is according to leading bookmaker William Hill. The prominent UK bookie initially had the entire thing twisting and turning in true British passive fashion on a scale of No Overall Majority.

But that’s changed now that the Conservatives are running up ahead with no intention of handing the baton over to anyone. What had had started out as odds set at 11/10 is now worlds removed at a brand-new 2/5. And a week is all it took for a complete odds shake-up.

Betting On Failure

Even so, money is to be made yet by everyone. As these things tend to go, many are now making a do-over happen on the odds cards by betting more on the second-guess of their initial decision. Betting on something won’t serve to make it happen, after all. No matter how badly we want Labour and job security and Thatcher-theory and all the good bad-union-down-boy good stuff to happen. In the words of just about every keen mind ever: the bookies have spoken.

Meanwhile, its also wise to note that the initial odds of No Overall Majority have dropped down below to a new 2/1 disappointment. Yes, also 1 week in the swing in this regard. The sour face of Nigel Farage supposedly wanting to keep Britain trapped in a marriage typical of the variety of unhappiness following a separation of crib as well as table has served Johnson’s purpose in great and magnificent ways. And really, who dares touch the old eiderdown and Yorkshire pudding, especially once the gale force winds of imminent divorce have started to blow?

And so in conclusion, the bookies have had at it all in superb anticipatory fashion and the tribe and the gang and all that have proverbially spoken. Which really is fancy talk for Labour not cutting the mustard on Brexit odds either. Turns out the money will be flowing in an altogether different direction than what was initially anticipated by the betting powers that be.

Exciting times in for those who enjoy betting on politics in the UK indeed

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