DRL Confirms Huge Link-Up With Genius Sports

October 30, 2020

- Grant Whittington

The global Drone Racing League (DRL) enjoys the support of fans from all over the world. And now that the DRL has hooked up in partnership with sports betting technology giant Genius Sports Group, those fans will for the first time ever also get to bet on elite drone racing. 

The partnership was formed for the express purpose of ultimately developing a world’s first DRL-endorsed drone racing vertical in the United States. The multi-year alliance, announced a joint statement issued by the league and the supplier on Thursday, will see its official launch coincide with the start of the 2020 DRL Allianz World Championship Season. Said championship will feature the world’s most talented elite drone pilots battling it out for a pole finish on the league’s DRL SIM – a simulation-style video game about drone racing.

Bringing DRL Betting To Fans

DRL President Rachel Jacobson has expressed her excitement over coming together of the two industry giants. Jacobson hailed the collaboration as being the start of an exciting new journey in the competitive world of elite drone racing – which she says is now officially on the “fast track” to ultimately being regarded the best sport to bet on. 

Genius Sports Group CEO Mark Locke too, expressed his extreme excitement following the inking of the significant new partnership with the official Drone Racing League. Since the league’s core vision and goals match perfectly match those of Genius Sports, explained Locke, the partnership simply cannot be regarded as anything less than ideal. And particularly so with the focus being on the successful launch of a superb and fantastic product across the group’s global network of sportsbook operators and their individual customers.

Global Is The Goal

The intended outcome is for Genius Sports to create a live online gaming platform that will offer to fans real-time odds – and in a way that is transparent, accurate, and 100% secure. The product will endeavour to present fans with an entire suite of betting products, engagement opportunities, and prop bets.

Having previously provided some of the world’s top sports governing bodies and competitions with a similar service – including the National Basketball Association (NBA), the English Premier League, and NASCAR - Genius Sports Group is a perfect fit for the mammoth but exciting task at hand.

Virtual as well as real-life live drone races will be offered to sports betting fans by the finished product.

High-Speed DRL Performance

The Drone Racing League is a thrilling combination of adrenaline-inducing drone racing at dizzyingly high speeds and the immersive world of competitive video gaming, i.e. eSports.

DRL is a league for professional drone pilots classified as elite flyers. Pilots fly custom built high-speed drones capable of travelling at speeds of up to 90 MPH across absolutely insane courses plotted out physically as well as across virtual platforms –  and all in FPV (First Person View).

The league stands central to the vertical – bringing high-velocity races to eSports fans across the globe on all the best sports networks. These include NBC Sports, NBC, Sky Sports, ProSieben, Groupe AB, Weibo, and social media platform Twitter.

About The Championship

The 2020 DRL Allianz World Championship Season will see the world’s top pilots making their way across complex obstacle-style race courses – which courses all require extreme technical and piloting aptitude from those hoping to secure podium finishes. And even though the tracks navigated with the help of DRL Racer 4 drones are virtual, the controller motion-expertise and the racing aptitude are all 100 per cent real.

Points are allocated based on the individual finishes achieved by each pilot. After a total of 16 levels have been completed, the pilot with the most points at the end of the riveting season wins.

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