EPL Braces For A Busy Summer Of Transfers

July 30, 2020

- Grant Whittington

The year got off to a difficult, and certainly surprising, start. And the English Premier League is bracing itself for impact as it prepares to navigate what could possibly be its busiest summer transfer window ever – past as well as future.

Massive changes coming to earth’s greatest league seem inevitable, with clubs such as Man United, Arsenal, and Chelsea rumoured to be close to their own individual long-term targets as far as 2020 transfer deals are concerned.

In fact, there have been quite a few deals finalised already. Some players are about to slip into their new jerseys and colours for the very first time, and some others are jetting off to as-of-yet undisclosed destinations as they prepare to become part of new clubs and new homes.

Change has officially come to a super-exciting era in the history of the Premier League.

What We Do Know

What we do know at this point is actually quite a bit. The following switches are some of which have gone public:

  • Adam Lallana – swapped Costa Del Merseyside for The Seagulls. The 32-year-old 8-game Premier League freshman (played over the course of 3 seasons for Merseyside) probably feels a bit like a badger landed in a honey pot.
  • Dejan Lovren – big change here, as Lovren swaps Liverpool for Zenit St. Petersburg. Here’s to swapping a £20 million deal for a £10.9 million consolation prize. Some would say, no surprises there - being Lovren and all that overshooting.
  • Timo Werner – swapping Liverpool (mass exit, anyone?) for Chelsea. Unlikely perhaps – but seeing is believing. And we’re seeing.
  • Jude Bellingham – transferring from St. Andrews to Germany. It’s anyone’s guess what now of Jadon Sancho. The internet is good at guessing. Memes aplenty.
  • About Jadon Sancho – Manchester, perhaps-going-on-likely. Wooed by Man-U for what feels like the length of a particularly bad marriage, Sancho may actually finally be trading his Bavarian beer for English IPA. Across the table from best mate Marcus Rashford and fan-favourite Mason Greenwood, naturally.

What We Think We Know

  • Kai Havertz – at the possible peril of Jorginho, Havertz may very well end up joining Chelsea.
  • Jack Grealish – possibly leaving behind Midlands for Manchester United. With Champions League Football being the target as well as the prize, Manchester won’t be holding back on either the pennies or the pounds. Big Spenders.

What We Don’t Know

  • Wilfried Zaha – the poster child of transfer hype. Everton comes in at odds equal to 4/1 while Arsenal is only but the breadth of a single hair behind at 5/1. Since Zaha has made no secret of his childhood Arsenal hero-worshipping-nature, if given the choice, he’ll probably pick his favourite team. With that having been said, Newcastle, though much more marginally so, is in the mix too at picks equal to 7/1.
  • Alexandre Lacazette – he could be waving Atletico goodbye. At a release price-tag of a rumoured £45 million big ones, we’re going with Manchester United – should they want him, of course. In any event, Man-U is probably the only ones with a suitable bank balance. Manchester seems to be hitting it up in the vicinity of a square 15/1, with Chelsea in the market for a flying winger at Lacazette-odds equal to 10/1. It’d be nip, but Chelsea could do it if they really tried.
  • Matteo Guendouzi – the final man on our list of maybe’s. Anyone bargain hunting this summer would be dilly not to grab Guendouzi the minute he shakes Arsenal’s dust from his booties. That’s of course if he shakes Arsenal’s dust from his booties. We can only hope.

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