Epsilon eSports – A Team Profile

December 07, 2018

- Grant Whittington

The global eSports market continues to grow at an exponential rate, with the value of this space set to the break the $1 billion mark next year. At the heart of this growth is increasing prize money and a rising number of competitive teams, who are continuing to bring the world’s most popular video games to life.

One of the longest-standing and most successful teams is Epsilon eSports, who boast a global presence and were recently ranked as the 15th best side in the global marketplace.

In this article, we’ll provide a detailed profile of Epsilon as well as future predictions for the team.

Then and now: the history of Epsilon eSports
The team can trace their origins back more than a decade to 2009, when they were founded in the European heartland of Belgium.

While the team’s headquarters remains in Brussels, however, Epsilon has evolved at a considerable rate since its inception and has spread throughout Europe and the promised land of the United States.

The side made their debut at the eXperience tournament in 2008, where several the world’s best teams convened to compete for what was then the hefty first prize of around $10,000.

Underpinned by the brilliant Counter-Strike: Source game, Epsilion stunned their rivals by taking winning the tournament outright, with the outstanding performances of Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans leading their side to glory.

Then followed a period of consolidation for the team, as founder and ex-Tribes player Gregory Champagne looked to build out his available rosters. In early 2010, the side also signed their first significant deal with Razer, creating the first of many partnerships with various brands across the globe.

After initially excelling at Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and the Battlefield Series, 2015 saw the side invest in an Irish Call of Duty team composed of world class performers like Jurd.

This outfit quickly became the dominant performers on the continent, while an excellent run at the 2015 World Championships saw them record the best European Call of Duty finish of all-time.

With continued investment and recruitment, the Epsilon team have managed to enjoy sustained success over the course of the last three years, landing five major honours including the World Cyber Arena Championship in 2016.

Last September also saw Epsilon claim first place at the Gfinity Elite Series UK tournament, while they followed this up with a respectable second-place finish in the second series. These placements afforded them total winnings in excess of $75,000, reaffirming them as one of the best competitors in Europe and the wider world.

Game specialities and its top performers
At present, the main competitive fields for the team include: CS: GO, Gears of War, Call of Duty (the side has multiple European Championship titles) and H1Z1.

However, Epsilon employ a grand total of 10 unique and highly skilled rosters, serving additional games including FIFA, Street Fighter V, Rocket League and Fortnite.

Beyond this, the team are also unique in that they operate a highly efficient and innovative academy for new talent, with several developed players having served the team well and being transferred to sides such as Fnatic, AS Monaco and PSG.

At present, Epsilon are also operating the FIFA Hype Academy, which is part of the team’s drive to expand their FIFA talent base and draw players from across the globe.

One of the team’s star performers and Counter-Strike exports remains Kia ‘Surreal’ M. This 22-year old extremely talented having won six individual awards during his career.

He has also achieved exceptionally gaming levels in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the Alliance of Valiant Arms, highlighting his ability and potential on the global stage.

Another strong performer is Anas “Keftaroz” Houmaid, who currently captains the Street Fighter V roster and is established as the 66th best player in Belgium (which is a hot-bed for eSports talent). He has also earned a healthy $2,806.05 in prize money from two tournaments, while he starred in Epsilon’s impressive victory at the inaugural Gfinity Elite Series UK tournament last autumn.

Looking ahead to the future
With the team now established as one of Europe’s best, the sky could well be the limit for Epsilon eSports in the future.

It’s certainly expected to be one of the key contenders at the ongoing Cyberathlete Championship Series (CCS), which specialises in Rainbow Six Siege competition.

This championship, which boasts a huge prize fund and draws successful teams from North America, Europe and across the globe, is one of the most keenly-contested in the world, and will see Epsilon look to reaffirm its standing during the fourth season of the CCS.



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