The Fortnite eSports Review

November 27, 2018

- Grant Whittington

If you’re an avid gamer, chances are that you’ll enjoy playing Fortnite. After all, this title continues to draw in players by the millions, with founders Epic Games having worked hard to create an engaging and innovative game that appeal to fans of all shapes and sizes.

As its popularity has grown, however, the development team have also strived to transform Fortnite into a competitive eSport. Recently, more than $100 million has been invested into future Fortnite tournament prize pools, while its first official event (the Fortnite Pro-Am) was also unveiled recently.

 But how does Fortnite work as a competitive eSport? And how can spectators bet on its potential outcomes?

About the game
The brainchild of Epic Games, Fortnite was created in 2017 and distributed across various platforms (including Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and macOS.

In simple terms, the game has two distinct formats, with Fortnite: Save the World pitting players against their environment as they take on the ultimate survival mission.

Set after a freak storm has devastated the earth and caused 98% of the population to disappear, players will take the role of commanders and perform tasks such as gathering resources, protecting base shelters and saving fellow survivors.

The same story underpins the Fortnite Battle Royale format, which forces players to face off against one another (either as a duo or in one-on-one combat). In this format, players are airdropped from the ‘Battle Bus’ to a site on the game’s map, and upon landing they must scavenge for resources whilst also trying to stay alive and attack competitors.

This is an inherently more competitive version of the game, and one that has already earned a cult following among players from across the globe.

How is a competitive Fortnite match played?

It stands to reason that the eSports iteration of Fortnite should follow the Battle Royale format, particularly as this version has already enjoyed considerable success at a number of small and regional LAN tournaments.

Ultimately, a competitive Fortnite match follows a similar path to titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as up to 100 players compete in squads of up to four men as they’re dropped into a devastated area of land.

From here, the competitors will attempt to survive for the longest possible team and be crowned the last person (or team) standing. This will see each participant required to perform several different missions, as they seek shelter and resources whilst attacking other players and killing them off.

Throughout the game, the storm that previously devastated the earth approaches the player, shrinking down the safe parts of the map and ending the participation of players that don’t have a strategic location.

This is a key focus of the game, and one that adds a strong element of strategy and thought to an action-packed title.

Fortnite betting and wager considerations

 It has been announced that next year will see the inaugural Fortnite World Cup, which will be accessible to players from across the globe. This is likely to prove extremely popular among players and bettors alike, with a number of innovative betting markets expecting to be opened up during the tournament.

Fortunately, Fortnite is a relatively simple game for bettors to understand. After all, there’s no linear sequencing or set of objectives for players to follow, as the single-minded goal is to survive and beat your rivals.

As a result, bettors are simply required to back the eventual winner, while keeping their eyes on a circular storm as it slowly engulfs the map and forces the players in closer proximity to one another.

However, there are some challenges when betting on this game. Firstly, players start on an even keel and do not have any predetermined arsenals, as weapons are collected from randomised boxes that are scattered across the map.

The constantly moving storm also creates real-time gameplay complications, while players are able to build and protect themselves whenever necessary. This creates moving parts that are hard to track, so bettors will need to prepare by arming themselves with the necessary knowledge.

To begin with, you’ll need to review the competing players (and teams) and track their performances at recent Fortnite tournaments. If you really want to get informed, you could also follow the army of Fortnite streamers accessible through Twitch, as many of the top players use this as a source of revenue. This enables you to watch the very best combatants first hand, as you look to learn their strengths and weaknesses before laying down wagers.

You should also play close attention to the participant’s win-rates, both in terms of Fortnite tournaments and their overall careers. This should help you to determine whether or not the listed odds offer genuine value for money, as this remains the most important consideration across all betting markets.

On a final note, just be prepared for the range of betting markets associated with Fortnite to diversify in time for the World Cup in 2019. This will see additional bets added alongside the outright winner, including wagers on individual matches and the recipient of the tournament’s MVP award.



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