10 Signs That You Play Too Much FIFA (and probably are addicted)

February 07, 2018

- Grant Whittington

When it comes to football-inspired console games, FIFA remains the most dominant franchise. It’s also the focus of several lucrative e-sports competitions every single year, with last year’s EA Champions Cup offering the 30 participants access to a total prize fund $500,000.

As anyone who has sampled FIFA 19 can testify, games of this type are also incredibly addictive and capable of consuming all your free time if you’re not careful. The team at the BetHut have got your back, as we’ve listed a number of clear signs which suggest that you’re playing too much FIFA.

1) You’ve gone through a cupboard-full of controllers
Serious FIFA players tend to get through many controllers largely thanks to wear and tear. Your controllers are also likely to bear the brunt of your frustration when you concede late and decisive goals, which if you’re anything like us happens on a regular basis.

2) Adebayo Akinfenwa is your new footballing hero
Football fans are extremely partisan by their nature, with their list of favourite players restricted to those who represent their chosen club. FIFA’s player ratings help you to discover new and previously unheralded heroes, with the game’s strongest player Adebayo Akinfenwa now boasting a cult following across the globe!

3) You have an in-depth knowledge of FIFA player ratings
While FIFA ranks players according to a host of skills, every single one has an overall score that reflects their quality. If you play FIFA regularly over a prolonged period, you’ll develop an in-depth knowledge of these ratings and soon find yourself debating them with your loved ones.

4) You’ve started to shout commands and frustrations at your players
If you’re a fan of YouTube and FIFA, you’ll know that the former is home to many hilarious rants from disgruntled players (see here). If you’re one of those players who finds herself hurling both tactical advice and abuse at your sides in equal measure, chances are that you’ve been enjoying FIFA for too long.

5) You’ve developed a sudden interest in chemistry
When we were at school, chemistry held about as much interest as a spotting excursion at your local train station. FIFA has changed all this though, as you’ll need to build the perfect chemistry around your team if you’re to achieve success in career mode. So, if you play FIFA a little too often, you’ll probably find that you have a new-found love of chemistry.

6) You’ve performed a FIFA celebration when you score in real life
FIFA always pays tribute to the very best goal celebrations, from the sublime to the truly ridiculous (think of Jimmy Briand’s famous salmon dive). If you’re an avid FIFA player, you will not able to resist performing these in real life!

7) Your season mode has advanced far into the future
FIFA’s career mode is arguably its best and most popular feature, while it’s certainly helped to make recent iterations more addictive. You can gauge your passion for FIFA by the longevity of your career, and if you’re about to kick-off the 2030/31 EPL season then you may be a little too engaged.

8) You call real matches in controller moves
If you see an exquisite finish or piece of skill at a corporeal football match, the appropriate reaction is to celebrate, drool or clap your hands in reluctant appreciation. It’s not to consider the corresponding controller moves that would allow you to replicate such skill on FIFA. This is a sure sign of an unhealthy obsession.

9) You’ve spent an incredible amount of time documenting skill moves
Skill moves separate casual from serious players in the world of FIFA, so learning these is often a pressing objective. Still, if you’ve spent an interminable amount of time documenting skill moves and committing them to memory, you’re probably becoming a little too obsessive.

10) You can quote the game’s commentators
Martin Tyler’s iconic commentary has become a staple feature of FIFA’s games, but if you’re able to quote his lines in real-time then you’ve probably been playing too long. Sure, Tyler’s excitement can be infectious, but being able to sing along with recorded commentary lines is a skill that surely nobody wants?

Now that you’ve admitted your FIFA addiction it may be time to take a step away from your console. Why not distract yourself with a poll or two on our Twitter feed @bethutUK or a cheeky bet here on

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