A Football Christmas Gift Guide – What to Get Your Friends and Family this year

December 11, 2017

- Grant Whittington

Now that Christmas is less than three weeks away, the time has come to finalise your Christmas shopping plans. Of course, in an ideal world, these plans will have been finalised weeks ago, but the pace and pressures of everyday life often make such a goal impossible to achieve!

Buying for some people is often easier than others, of course, particularly if your loved ones have a passion for football. There is a huge range of gift ideas for football fans out there, even if you don’t want to fork out hundreds of pounds on replica kits or branded scarves!

In this article, we’ll list some of the best and most creative football-inspired gift ideas this Christmas, hopefully affording you some genuine inspiration in the process!

  1. Football Manager 2018 (£37.99)

 While the Championship Manager game franchise may have turned unknown players such as Cherno Samba into cult icons, it has a serious rival in the form of Football Manager. The latter emerged after the dissolution of the partnership between original Championship Manager publishers Eidos Interactive and Sports Interactive in 2004, leaving fans with two games to choose from in the modern age!

As a general rule, connoisseurs tend to prefer Football Manager, with the 2018 iteration now available to buy for the bargain price of just £37.99. Boasting a huge library of current clubs and players, along with exceptionally accurate statistics and detailed gameplay, this is a genuinely immersive title that will afford all football fans hours of uninterrupted fun.

So whether the lucky recipient wants to follow in the footsteps of Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho in the quest for top flight titles or climb the football league with a minnow, this is the ideal gift this Christmas.

  1. The Playertek Device (£149)

If you have a child with a passion for the game, it makes sense that you should encourage them to learn and develop their skills. Not only will this help them to achieve happiness in life, but it could also lead to a lucrative career in the top flight of professional football.

So, how do you nurture your loved ones’ skills and interests? Buying them the Playertek device would be an excellent place to start this Christmas, particularly if your child has an interest in statistical performance and uses this to improve their game.

Players simply wear the device as they play and train, which the software captures real-time data and offers a clear insight into all aspects of your game. From your speed and passing accuracy to the strength of your shot, you can identify areas of improvement and monitor your progress as you grow older.

Above all else, users can see if they’re really as good as they think they are, which is a key part of developing skills and improving performance across all disciplines.

  1. A Pair of Adidas Nemeziz 17.2 Football Boots (£129.99)

Now, if you’re buying for players who compete regularly, you can rest safe in the knowledge that they’ll always need new pieces of kit. Boots are particularly prone to wear and tear (especially cheaper products), so you could certainly make somebody’s Christmas this year by buying them some stellar boots this year!

Our particular pick is Adidas’ Nemeziz range, which features boots in an array sizes and ages from young children to those approaching adulthood.

Take the 17.2 Nemeziz boots featured above, for example, which are available in an array of colours from classic black to stunning, vivid orange. They also boast a number of advanced features, including agility mesh that contributes to a responsive touch and optimal ball control. There’s also a dual lock collar that helps to provide ankle stability, which can help to improve balance and potentially reduce the risk of injury.

Of course, these boots are not cheap at £129.99, but the range as a whole includes some cheaper options with prices starting from £60 for those with smaller budgets.

  1. Cartoon Football Prints (£25)

 And now, as Monty Python would say, for something completely different! For fans with slightly more unusual and eclectic tastes, the typical football-inspired gifts that litter the shelves may seem a little mundane, forcing you to seek out more creative and unusual options!

These options would definitely include cartoon football prints, which can be purchased for around £25 and are available in a range of variable club designs.

Renowned cartoonist Richard Argent has a particularly stylish and visually impressive range of cartoon club prints, each of which chart the unique history of individual teams and the iconic figures that have shaped their destiny. With club prints relating to Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, there’s something to suit every one of England’s top flight clubs.

Given that these high quality prints are also available at bargain basement prices, they make for a fun stocking filler and an usual talking point on Christmas Day!

  1. Star Wars Mitre Footballs (£22)

 On the subject of fun and unique stocking fillers, we can’t go any further without referencing these superb Star Wars Mitre footballs. The combination of two incredible phenomenons in the form of football and Star Wars, these simple but unique products are sure to appeal to anyone who was born in the 1980s.

Available in visually stunning Storm Trooper and Kylo Ren designs, these balls are exceptionally eye-catching and can be purchased for as little as £22 (and probably a little less if you can seek out some pre-Christmas deals).

We particularly like the use of neon red throughout the ball, which affords the design an intergalactic aesthetic and one that is truly reminiscent of the Star Wars brand. The balls are also available in different sizes too, so you can select a product to suit specific needs such as matchplay, training and simple skills development.

So, there you have it; five fun, football-inspired gift ideas for your loved ones’ this Christmas. There’s more on the market too, so make sure that you pick your favourite options in time for the festive rush!

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