The Football Players with the Worst Fashion Sense

February 09, 2018

- Grant Whittington

When it comes to footballing fashion faux pas, former Manchester United and England David Beckham remains the biggest offender. Who can forget his infamous decision to wear a sarong on a night out during the 1998 World Cup in France, which captured the attention of the global media and triggered almost a decades’ worth of jokes?

Still, many of the current breed of players are looking to challenge Beckham’s status as the world’s number one target for the fashion police, with a number plying their trade in the Premier League.

In this article, we’ll look at the current players with the worst fashion sense and share their most grievous crimes against fashion.

 1) Paul Pogba, Manchester United and France

Rather than looking like the Premier League’s most expensive ever signing, Paul Pogba often cuts a strange and unusual appearance off the field of play. From his love of unusually styled clothes to his range of truly random and colourful hairstyles, Pogba is a man who tends to blur the lines between fashion genius and style faux pas.

We remember his appearance at Old Trafford in January 2017, when he stood in the stands to cheer after being rested for the 3rd round FA Cup tie with Wigan Athletic.

Just weeks after launching his own brand of Adidas clothing, Pogba turned up in a bizarre, sleeveless hoodie over the top of a thick, grey cardigan.

This dark and unusual look was completed by a grey beanie and some unusual black patterned trousers, which reflected Pogba’s love of non-linear garments that are emblazoned with different colours and shapes.

 2) Alex Song, Rubin Kazan and Cameroon

Image source: Squawka via Daily Mail

The best and most accurate thing that we can say about former Arsenal midfielder Alex Song is that he looks like he has been styled by pop sensation Bruno Mars.

If you follow Song on Instagram, you’ll be aware of Song’s ambitious fashion sense, which compels him to showcase a range of different looks and styles on a weekly basis. Our personal favourite is the Cameroonian star’s black bowler hat and pink cardigan combo, which is offset beautifully by soft pink boots.

If you want to learn more, you can check out Song’s own fashion range at This is not for the faint-hearted, however, so we’d recommend that you view the site with caution and perhaps wear sunglasses to shield your eyes!

3) Dani Alves, PSG and Brazil

The Brazilian full-back may have swapped Barcelona for Paris, but his unusual and bold sense of style remains unashamedly unchanged.

What sticks in our mind was the defenders’ choice of outfit prior to Barcelona’s crucial Champions league tie against Bayern Munich in 2015. Rocking a bright red jacket, black bow tie and crisp white shirt, Alves looked like a cross between a hotel bell boy and an Elton John impersonator, and in truth we’re not sure whether this look offers any potential upside at all!

While Alves has diverse fashion tastes, every so often he introduces a look that takes our breath away, and not always for the right reasons!

4) Gerard Piqué, Barcelona and Spain

For the most part, the cultured centre-back Gerard Piqué remains a stylishly dressed player. He does have a beautiful, pop star wife and as David Beckham can testify, this means that he’s always likely to be prone to the occasional faux pas.

In one famous Champions League game during Barca’s run to the final in 2015, Piqué turned up at the Camp Nou dressed in what appeared to be a chain-mail ensemble that may well have been an all-in-one jumper.

We’re not quite sure whether Piqué was on his way to a medieval themed fancy dress party or simple paying homage to the Game of Thrones, but it was an eye-catching look that provided an interesting talking point.

You should keep your eyes peeled for more outrageous outfits from Piqué, even as he gets older.

After all, the influence of Columbia’s unrivalled pop princess is hard to ignore, particularly when you remember that Piqué met Shakira on the set of one of her videos!

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