The four toughest football WAGs

December 25, 2017

- Grant Whittington

It’s arguable that while WAGs (wives and girlfriends) is a descriptive term at heart, it has evolved to become an unfairly derogatory one over time.

Despite this, WAGs have emerged as a popular part of the footballing landscape at elite level, with some providing incredible drama through their spats with one another and others supposedly having a negative impact on their partners’ careers. Who can forget when the original WAGs stole the show at the World Cup 2006, having been allowed to join the England squad in Germany and subsequently blamed for the Three Lions’ disappointing performance? It’s enough to make anyone angry!

With this in mind, we thought we’d rate some of these feisty wags on their fighting ability, as we look at who would prevail in a toe-to-toe war.

1. Rebekah Vardy

If we could pick a WAG to fight for our lives, it would be Rebekah Vardy.

Let’s face facts, Jamie’s better half has never been afraid to court controversy during her relatively brief time as a top-flight WAG, while the frequently ruthless banter between Mr and Mrs Vardy proves that she has an acid tongue equal to any in the game.

From her recent time in the jungle, it’s also fair to say that Mrs Vardy is not afraid of confrontation, and you can ask Iain Lee is you don’t believe us! Sure, she may have cried without inhibition after being accused of blackmailing the DJ and TV presenter during the latest instalment of ‘I’m a Celebrity’, but this merely shows that Rebekah is a passionate woman who will fight for truth and honour.

Mrs Vardy takes the same approach to her Twitter trolls too, often taking them to town in the frank and tenacious manner that she has become synonymous with.

These qualities earmark Rebekah Vardy as our favourite fighting WAG and one who would prevail against any of her rivals.

2. Coleen Rooney

Coleen Rooney was one the 2006 WAGs who lit up the World Cup in Germany and unlike her husband, she was at full fitness for the tournament. In fact, we arguably saw more of Coleen than we did of Wayne during the competition, with the Manchester United striker ultimately only able to leave a mark on the unfortunate Ricardo Carvalho’s inner thigh.

Coleen has matured noticeably during the 11 years since, while she has also been hardened by her husband’s much publicised, off-field indiscretions (sorry Wayne). We reckon that this makes her a tough nut to crack, with her steely resolve and inner strength capable of helping her to overcome bigger and more menacing opponents.

Coleen’s also a mother, which automatically means that she’s capable of flying into an uncontrollable rage when it comes to any issue that may impact negatively on her children!

3. Abbey Crouch

Another of the 2006 WAGs, Abbey Crouch (then Clancy) was relatively new to the group when she travelled to Germany 11 years ago. She’d only recently started dating Peter Crouch, who was then plying his trade with Liverpool.

Having made her name as a model and TV personality, Abbey certainly went through some difficult times as a WAG, even splitting from Peter for a brief period after some revelations about cocaine usage. The two then got engaged in 2009 and they are now happily married and have two children.

Heck, Abbey even won the 2013 instalment of Strictly Come Dancing, showcasing just how popular she was with the British public as a whole.

This comeback showcases the former model’s incredible mental strength – no matter how hard she has fallen she’s always gotten back up again. We think that this would make her a formidable foe in any form of combat, and her Rocky Balboa-esque recoveries would worry any opponent.

4. Victoria Beckham

The godmother of WAGs, Victoria Beckham (or Posh Spice for those of you are a little older) first rose to prominence as a member of the 1990s pop band The Spice Girls. She started dating Manchester United and England midfielder David Beckham back in 1997, and they tied the knot in the summer of 1999 with a lavish wedding that set new standards in ostentatiousness.

Despite arguably being the world’s longest standing WAG (she was something of a mother figure for the other wives and girlfriends in 2006), we don’t fancy Posh Spice’s credentials as a fighter.

Relatively lightweight, she’d struggle to hold off bigger opponents (meaning everyone) in hand-to-hand combat, while question marks remain over her stamina and natural endurance.

Similarly, we’re slightly put off by the moniker ‘Posh’, which suggests that she may be unwilling to fight and mix it with opponents. This is why she’s last on the list, and unlikely to receive any offers from the MMA anytime soon.


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