FUNNY: 25 sentences to help you speak to your football mad friends

November 16, 2017

- Grant Whittington

You might be into your Rugby or F1, but absolutely have no interest in football. The problem is, how do you communicate with your football mad friends, who won’t shut up about the ‘beautiful game’.

Fear not: We’ve constructed 25 sentences to help you stay involved in the conversation:

  1. I think the game has been spoilt by money. It’s nowhere near as good as it was in the olden days.
  2. The referee ruined the match for me. I can’t believe some of the decisions he made.
  3. [TEAM NAME] might have won if they had been able to put way their chances.
  4. The players just did not look fit enough. They were out on the feet at half time.
  5. There are too many foreign players in our clubs and it’s ruining our national team.
  6. The manager clearly does not know what he’s doing. His selection is all wrong.
  7. The characters have now gone out of the game. The players only care about money and selfies and there’s no passion any more.
  8. He may be a good player but he will never be in the same class as George Best.
  9. England will never win the World Cup again as they just don’t have the skill of Brazilians or Italians.
  10. [TEAM NAME] played like thugs. If some of those tackles had been made in the street they’d have gone to prison.
  11. We were never going to win that match, it was like men against boys for 90 minutes.
  12. The referee must have been blind. It was clearly a penalty.
  13. I’d have sent him off for that challenge. He didn’t even try to play the ball.
  14. If that’s all England can produce in a friendly, they might as well forget about trying to win the World Cup.
  15. I don’t know much about football but that was 90 minutes that I’m not going to get back. Almost fell asleep during the second half.
  16. It was a game of two halves and I thought the best team won on the night.
  17. I can’t believe they played so poorly. The players are all millionaires and they can’t even hit the target from 10 yards out.
  18. Most of the players just dive these days. They just get touched and throw themselves to the ground. It’s basically just trying to cheat the referee.
  19. The managers are just as bad as the players, screaming and shouting from the sidelines. They should set an example.
  20. I don’t know why any other team turns up to the World Cup. It’s always the Germans or Brazilians who win it.
  21. I had a bet on United to win at home last night with Bethut. The ref’s done me out of 50 quid.
  22. I thought it was a great game last night. The atmosphere in the ground was amazing. I’m surprised the players could hear themselves.
  23. Anyone can beat anyone in the Premier League. Just look at how Leicester won the title from nowhere.
  24. The manager’s going to get sacked if he keeps putting out teams like that. They were shocking.
  25. I didn’t see the game on Saturday but I don’t think I missed much. It was supposed to be terrible!

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