The houses of sport’s rich and famous

January 02, 2018

- Grant Whittington

At the BetHut, we’ve often wondered what we’d do with a weekly wage of around £250,000 (or £140,000 once we’d paid our tax). Squandering it would be the most likely outcome, but fortunately our top-flight footballing heroes are a little more creative when it comes to spending money.

They’re certainly wise enough to invest in big-ticket items that boast long-term value, particularly cars and houses. In the case of even wealthier sports stars such as Floyd Mayweather and Lewis Hamilton, there’s also scope to buy especially lavish homes and achieve a far greater wow-factor.

In this post, we’ll look at the houses of some of sport’s rich and famous to see how much they’d set you back.

1. Wayne Rooney
Let’s face it, most of us would be more than content with a £5 million mansion complete with games room and custom-built cinema complex.

Clearly, having a third child has encourage Wayne and his wife Coleen to search for somewhere with a little more space. They’ve decided to sell their current luxury home and build a brand new one from scratch in the Cheshire countryside. For a mere £20 million, the Rooneys have bought a 40-acre plot of land and have begun building work on an enormous, six-bedroom mansion.

Plans show a large garage for Wayne’s collection of sports cars, an indoor swimming pool and a snooker room. Unusually, there is also space for an orangery, while guests will be able to use a separate bathroom and set of lifts (yes, this house will have lifts to help people get around).

This will represent a stunning investment for the Rooneys, while it also showcases how footballers can use their money sensibly if they’ve got their heads screwed on.

2. Floyd Mayweather
Unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather, who recently retired with a perfect 50-0 record, is said to be worth a staggering £740 million. He’s also had more Championship belts than most mere mortals have had breakfasts, so it stands to reason that he should invest in a huge, luxury mansion.

True to form, he recently splashed out £19 million in cash on a pad in Beverly Hills, before showcasing the interior with his 19 million Instagram followers. Boasting stunning, open spaces and hundreds of expensive wine bottles in a cellar that is larger than most people’s houses, Mayweather has clearly achieved value for his money and made those years of hard work pay off.

Incredibly, he also managed to spend around $370,000 on modifications, while the fact that he had around $19 million lying around in cash is truly baffling to us!

We also like the fact that the new mansion boasts an incredible 10 individual bathrooms, which translates into one for every day of the week with three spare spaces for the purposes of rotation.

3. Lewis Hamilton
When we heard that Lewis Hamilton has spent £18 million on a six-bedroom mansion in London, two thoughts crossed our minds. Firstly, how would he split his time between his new home and his other properties in Monte Carlo and New York?

Not only this, we also wondered how his outlay had been able to secure a lavish property in the capital. Thanks to inflation, we thought that was the going rate for a one bedroom, studio apartment!

The four-times F1 world champion has achieved great value for his cash snapping up a unique detached villa that also has a stunning summer house. Hamilton also managed to knock around £2 million off the original asking price, despite the fact that he has amassed a personal fortune of £131 million (at least we can see that he likes to remain as frugal as possible).

The garden space here is truly stunning, while the four-floor property also boasts a delightful, open-plan kitchen and dining area.

We’re sure you’ll agree, this is a house fit for any champion while we also applaud the wealthy Hamilton for remembering that the rules of negotiation always apply when you’re in the hunt for a deal!

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