How Much Can you Really Make from Matched Betting?

December 17, 2018

- Grant Whittington

The concept of free bets is a widely discussed one in the UK marketplace, particularly following a detailed investigation by The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in February of this year.

This has enabled both operators and punters to benefit directly from concepts such as matched betting, which is a technique that allows individuals to profit from free wagers. We’ll explore this concept further below, while asking how much money you can really make from this practice?

What Exactly is Matched Betting?

Matched betting, which is also known by a number of different names including arb or double betting, is an extremely popular wagering technique that allows punters to leverage the potential profitability of free bets.

Widely considered to be a risk-free form of betting, it’s actually based on the application of a simple mathematical equation and largely removes the element of chance.

This equation can be used to estimate the average return from a matched bet. More specifically, the typical return for a standard matched wager is 85% of the free bet value, with this number falling marginally to 70% in instances where the stake is not returned directly.

If we apply this to a simple, £10 free bet, we can surmise that punters will have an opportunity to unlock £7 of this value as pure profit.

This can then be returned to your betting account, and under the new regulations concerning withdrawals used to fund additional wagers in the future.

Simple Ways to Leverage Matched Bets

As matched bets have become increasingly popular and well-regulated, so too operators have sought to promote these aggressively to their customers.

This has created further opportunities for punters who want to maximise the value of free bets and optimise the amount of money that they make in the process.

One of the best examples of this is the ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ offer, which is a concession that’s typically applied to horse and greyhound racing. This essentially means that when you take an early or a fixed odds price on a particular selection, the bookmaker will recognise instances where there the starting price is greater and pay out at the biggest possible rate.

This will optimise the value of each individual matched bet, ensuring that you’re given the best real-time price and the highest possible return in the event of a win.

Similarly, each-way bets can also be deployed to make matched betting profitable, particularly when gambling on horse racing meetings and events.

Not only does this enable you to enter into flexibles wagers that deliver consistent returns, but in some instances you may even be able to benefit from extra place promotions.

In this instances, bookies will pay out for the top six places in a horse race, rather than the standard number of five. This ultimately means that your matched bet will payout if your selection finishes in the top six, increasing your chances of generating a return and boosting your matched betting profits.

Finally, price boosts are an excellent way of making serious money from your matched betting activities. It’s certainly one of the best techniques for boosting profitability, especially over an extended period of wagering.

Price boosts essentially enhance the odds on selected wagers, with this type of bet typically available on accumulators that include several different outcomes. This serves as a great incentive to punters, while it also increases the amount that you can win on individual wagers.

With matched betting, you’re guaranteed to make a profit in instances where the back odds are higher than the lay odds, so the key is to compare the market for the best price boost promotions on offer. This can be relatively time consuming, of course, but hopefully we can help you to find the most relevant offers here at BetHut!

The Last Word

Ultimately, matched betting and free wagering has been heavily scrutinised of late, but the changing landscape of the market is creating far greater value for knowledgeable punters.

Making a profit from this technique requires knowledge and understanding, while you also need to identify specific promotional offers that actively help you to make money. Click here to explore our best free bets and bonuses.

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