FASHION ADVICE: What to wear to the races this year

February 26, 2018

- Grant Whittington

Let’s face facts; heading for a day out at the races has never been solely about wagering on a few horses.

In fact, there are has always been a huge focus on the social aspects of attending race meetings, from drinking and dining to the outfit that you choose to wear. The importance of style should not be lost on men or women, although the presence of “Ladies Days” at certain festivals means that females often spend longer on cultivating their look at the races.

In this post, we’ll look at what both genders should wear to the races this year, covering the latest trends and helping you to avoid significant faux pas.

Men’s Style – The Key Considerations for 2018

From the perspective of males, smartness is the key watchword to bear in mind when attending a race meeting. More specifically, you should deign to wear a suit on race day, even if you’re likely to spend a good few hours standing in a mud bank!

We wouldn’t recommend wearing a classic work suit, however, as attending the races offers an opportunity to wear something bolder with a little more colour. This may include plum, cream or light blue suits, but the main consideration is that you select a shade which reflects your innate personality.

Similarly, you can separate colour combinations and utilise additional garments to diversify your race day look and truly stand out from the crowd. This may mean adopting a bold shirt and suit jacket combination, for example, while those with a zanier sense of style may even want to wear a jacket that has is different shade to your trousers. This type of style choice has become increasingly popular in recent times, while it is particularly idea when visiting summer race festivals.

By investing in a tailored, core-shade suit and experimenting with different colour combinations, you can create a smart look that is also unique. You should look to offset this with smart and formal footwear, rather than trainers or other types of smart casual shoes. These also match the rest of your outfit, even though this may be challenging if you’re looking to combine two or three colours within a single look.

Footwear also represents an excellent way to infuse colour and personality into your look, particularly if you eschew a classic, formal look. The same can be said for your tie and pocket square, which both contribute to a smart outfit and one that adds tremendous depth to your overall appearance.

Women’s Style – What to Wear to the Races in 2018

In many ways, there are less stringent ‘rules’ in place for female fashion, both at the races and across the board. While women can choose from a wider range of garments and looks, however, they also encounter greater pressure to look good and dress up when attending popular “Ladies Days”.

With most popular festivals taking place during the summer, selecting a bride, floral frock represents an excellent place to start. With complimentary and stylish shoes, you can quickly create a bold and formal look that is perfectly suitable for any racecourse. Colour contrasts are important here, particularly if you’re wearing a darker dress that would benefit from lighter shoes and colourful accessories.

We’d also recommend that you invest in a tailored fit that suits your body shape, as you don’t want to spend the entire day either struggling to breathe or feeling frumpy in an oversized frock or cocktail dress!

On the topic of accessories, it’s important to focus on quality rather than quantity and strive to place emphasis on your dress. A matching handbag and minimalist jewellery can create a truly focused and stylish look, and one that allows a stunning dress to take centre stage on Ladies Day!

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