Instinctive Punters Are Betting’s Lifeline

June 17, 2020

- Grant Whittington

Good old human gut instinct remains a precious commodity even in an age purporting to be driven by the machine instead of the man. At no point in recent times has this been more obvious a fact than in the face of a global health catastrophe that has resulted in a global sports betting go-slow. When it comes to betting in the age of the internet and Big Data, instinctual punters rule the roost as well as the land whenever the normality ship is rocked.

Not only is novelty betting keeping the UK’s betting ship afloat, but its also doing its bit for US markets. In fact, nowhere is betting on all sorts of exotic outcomes more prevalent than in the United States. Instinct-based (intuitive) odds are wagered on everything from the Oscars to the Trump’s next big shares-devastating faux pas. Money is even being thrown at exactly how long the national anthem can be expected to last when sung at whatever next publicly televised event.

This particular sky clearly knows not a trace of a limit.

Betting On Reality TV

UK punters, on the other end, seem to lean all the way over in the direction of betting on reality TV. So much so, that reality TV bets currently make up quite the considerate portion of all novelty bets wagered on UK soil. Interesting to note is the prevalence of reality TV bets within the context of these being of a purely instinctual nature, as opposed to traditional sports bets relying on absolute mathematical probabilities based on historical and statistical records and facts.

Sports betting and wagering on outcomes related to reality television are worlds removed in the way that these are predicted and even wagered. And to say that the available odds make up a melting pot of crazy abandon in terms of variety is an understatement rivalled by no other. Instinctual punters are wagering money on reality TV shows the likes of Strictly Come Dancing, I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here and Love Island, to name but a few of the solid favourites. Bets are being wagered on everything from the winning dance competitions to the identity of the next big celeb sure to be voted Australian jungle royalty! 

Oh, That Old-School Trade Magic

And the reason for all this seemingly crazy betting going around? Punters, according to Press Box PR Media Relations Specialist Fred Nathan, absolutely love that “old-school trading” feeling. Or in other words, the feeling of having somehow almost supernaturally ‘known’ something nobody else seems to have known at the time of a bet being wagered. Instinct, implies Nathan, is to the natural punter an achievement of sorts, as opposed to an at-times somewhat fleeting human faculty. And if punters love anything more than just about all else, then ‘achievement’ has got to be it – by far.

In fact, says Nathan, it’s his firm belief that reality TV serves not only as the perfect outlet for instinctive betting, but as a restoration and even a preservation of sorts of this particular variety of old-school ‘trading’. Its what keeps it alive.

This should not be construed as a piece predicting a non-return to traditional English Premier League football betting when the situation allows. But that reality television and other instinctive forms of intuitive betting are here to stay is pretty much a done deal too.

Even if it did take a global catastrophe to remind sixth-sense punters of the joy that is the otherworldly pleasure of ‘knowing without any logical way of knowing’. This is betting from the gut at its absolute best.

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