Leicester City Confirms New Sports Betting Sponsor

August 15, 2019

- Grant Whittington

The good news keeps on coming in the phenomenally popular world of pro-football. The latest news on the pro-sports circuit is that Leicester City FC has appointed as its new official betting sponsorship partner. is mostly Asian-focused and will be hoping for global exposure on the back of the latest commercial deal. The operator will replace the previous Leicester City sponsorship partner, namely W88.

According to the official press release, and W88 are said to have now entered into a multi-session deal. W88 recently had some good news of its own to share with its supporters as well as with Aston Villa fans, following having entered into what has been described as being a “record breaking” commercial partnership with the Premier League side.

International Profile Is Everything

Expanding its international profile is as it stands at the moment a number 1 priority for Leicester City. So says Leicester City’s Head of Partnerships, Harj Hir. Hir said that the partnership would stand central in its endeavours to expand and grow internationally. Hir also referred to the significant status enjoyed by Leicester City in Asia and said that the partnership would serve to further strengthen the club’s international profile, with a very specific focus being on Asia.

According to the provisions of the partnership, the brand logo will be displayed on the FC’s match-day LED advertising and interview installations and backdrops. The advertising was negotiated as such in order to ensure maximum exposure and visibility and will no doubt hold great benefits in favour of the operator thanks to the global exposure enjoyed by Leicester City and also by Premier League football in general.

A Truly Valuable Partnership spokesperson Jamie Dillon has since referred to the club as being a true icon in international football. Dillon said that the partnership was a proud moment for the operator, and one that would be honoured by top-class service in sponsorship.

Dillon also said that it was no secret that is the leading online gaming brand in Asia, and that the hope was that by associating with a club like Leicester City, the operator will have paved the way for a stellar entry into the UK market. The partnership with the Foxes, said Dillon, is regarded as a key and significant brand-association, especially when talking UK expansion.

In fact, so convinced is the operator that the new deal is was the correct move to be making at this crucial time, that it has said that it regards Leicester City to be the “perfect platform” from which to leverage its own brand power. This will be achieved only via the type of exposure that carries a certain value; a value certainly present when talking Leicester City. Big words form a big-brand operator.

Some Will Remain Conservative

Gambling operator sponsorships are becoming more and more commonplace in the UK, despite the levels of conservatism still very much alive and present on the English continent. Former Man United and England captain Wayne Rooney recently took a public rap when he revealed to the world of pro football that not only would he be leaving the ranks of D.C. United in order to join Derby Country, but that the move also involved his having accepted the number 32 shirt as his own. None other than 32Red sponsors the number 32 shirt.

Some are now going as far as calling on Rooney to re-consider his decision, because of the fact that he is a father to young children, but to date, the footballer seems happy to retain his association with the sports betting brand.

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