LeoVegas Extends And Expands Kambi Alliance

September 07, 2020

- Grant Whittington

Online casino and global sports betting operator LeoVegas have confirmed the extension and expansion of its existing sports betting partnership alongside leading platform provider Kambi Group plc. The deal was originally inked back in 2016 and has proved to be a real winner.

The expanded agreement will make provision for the inclusion of LeoVegas’ current range of high-profile sports betting brands into the scope of the existing deal. This means that products such as BetUK and will now be upgraded to Kambi’s platform alongside those LeoVegas products already served by the award-winning sports betting supplier.

LeoVegas is obviously well pleased by Kambi’s open platform product, which product includes an extensive variety of experience-boosting tools, all of which have proven capable of delivering an engaging and a one-of-a-kind sports betting experience. And what’s more, it’s a product that has served LeoVegas across a scope of global jurisdictions – including the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain.

A Popularity Boost

What the expanded deal means for Kambi Group plc, is that it will now provide its proprietary sports betting services and platform to even more popular LeoVegas brands and products than what had been the case before. And according to Kami chief executive officer Kristian Nylén, being selected to serve LeoVegas in this manner, not to mention even to this expanded extent, is a proud moment.

To be selected to provide to LeoVegas its sportsbook core and proprietary sportsbook platform technology, said Nylén, is a show of big-name industry recognition from one of the world’s highest regarded operators of all. Kambi is the trusted name in backend sportsbook technology, said the CEO, and it’s fantastic to be in a position to remain a preferred provider to global brand-name operator LeoVegas.

A Full Package Offering

Kambi offers LeoVegas the entire treatise as far as premium sports betting software support goes. A company absolutely known for being driven by a vision involving long-term success in regulated global sports betting markets, the brand is a trusted partner in platform stability and reliable speed of service delivery.

Kambi furthermore represents a partnership that has brought about, and that can be relied upon to continue to bring about, incredible and real success, says LeoVegas chief product and technology officer Mattias Wedar of the partnership. With Kambi’s support, LeoVegas is able to continue to strive towards becoming a prime sports betting partner and the undisputed King of Casino, explained Wedar.

About Kambi Plc

The support and products offered by Kambi to its global operator partners are extensive and turnkey – with everything from pricing to risk-management, and sports betting integrity to customer services support being handled by the brand on an operator such as LeoVegas’ behalf. This, in effect, takes the entire administrative and compliance load off operators – which, in turn, allows operators the freedom to focus instead on their own business strategies and plans for growth and global expansion.

Kambi today serves a wide variety of third-party as well as proprietary platforms. Whatever the specific need, they are capable of ensuring full and hassle-free integration. This ultimately leads to a fully managed service being offered to all of their partners the world over.

The brand furthermore prides itself on ensuring its operator partners remain independent and differentiable within the scope of their own branding. This ensures that operators such as casino and sports betting giant LeoVegas remain completely distinguishable from their respective industry competitors while all drawing on their marketing, support, and compliance expertise.

Kambi is in fact an award-winning platform supplier, having this year won both of the headline sportsbook prizes at the EGR B2B Awards. By expanding on their current LeoVegas partnership they’re sure to grow from strength to strength.

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