Mobile Betting Apps Seeing Incredible Growth

August 13, 2020

- Grant Whittington

Mobile betting apps, even despite a world of challenges currently faced by businesses the world over, continue to see significant and consistent growth in popularity and revenue. And it’s an upward trajectory economists predict will continue well into next year.

While its true that the gambling industry hasn’t escaped the global financial pinch, not to mention retail sports betting shops having had to weather their fair share of knocks and bruises, mobile betting appears to be living the dream, a dynamic analysts say is most probably the result of a decline in in-person betting numbers.

Success In Diversification

The severity of the situation is nowhere more evident than in the shocking announcement that major bookmaker William Hill will soon be permanently closing down a total of 119 retail betting shops. The shops facing closure are all High Street betting shops that up until only a few months ago, provided work and a means to a livelihood to 300 employees. The majority of these will reportedly be redeployed internally following the closures.

The bookie giant currently operates a total of 1,500 retail sports betting outlets across the UK. This number will now be significantly reduced by the planned nation-wide high street closures. This being a result of the mass cancellation of major sports events and competitions the entire world over.

But the global health crisis is according to William Hill not the only nail in the retail betting industry’s coffin. The operator last year announced the imminent closure of at least 700 of its betting shops as a result of the financial implications brought about by a significant cut to the allowable bets wagered at fixed-odds betting terminals, or FOBTs.

The size-slash was no small or insignificant change either, with max bets decreased from £100 wagers right down to measly £2 bets.

Mobile Apps Saving William Hill

Online gaming, which includes mobile access, remains William Hill’s saving grace. And according to the gambling and betting giant, it will continue to focus on expanding and growing in this particular area of business.

Suffice to say, William Hill isn’t the only bookmaker to have realised the importance of going the mobile betting root as an alternative to in-person betting shops. More and more local UK bookmakers are beginning to go the mobile web version route and are reporting astounding results because of it. Mobile apps dedicated to sports betting are a big hit among bookies and bettors too.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as not only are mobile apps as convenient as what placing a sports wager is ever going to get, but it also allows for in-the-moment live event betting. Since mobile technology is more affordable now than ever before, it has become not only increasingly more available, but also increasingly more popular among punters and gamblers.

Mobile Tech Is The Antidote

This surge in mobile betting app popularity has done a great deal to mitigate the damage caused by the global plug pulled on sports events. Sports books are constantly finding exciting new ways in which to present their products to mobile bettors, and as such, also to recover money lost in the retail sector.

The value of diversification has never before been this significantly and prominently seen. Bookies are only now beginning to realise the importance of being present on several platforms instead of only one or two.

Moreover, bookies focused on expanding cross-markets into the US, are the ones set and ready to get their money’s worth a few times over. The booming US sports betting market is practically a money-printing machine and the only thing left remaining to do now, is to create more inroads into the explosive cross-market potential.

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