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New Sports Betting Hall Of Famers Revealed

Recognising those who have contributed in splendid ways is important to the long-term longevity of any industry and even more so when ming. Due recognition creates a sense of being valued and is known to inspire even higher levels of performance. This year’s Sports Betting Hall of Fame panel of adjudicators hope to achieve exactly that. Six new inclusions into the Sports Betting Hall of Fame have just been announced, and the group of new inductees will be officially inaugurated at next month’s Betting on Sports conference.

This year’s inductees are Bet365 CEO Denise Coates, Boylesports CEO and founder John Boyle, former 888 CEO John Anderson, former Sky Betting & Gaming CEO Richard Flint, Playtech CBS Chief in Charge Armin Sageder and the surprise addition of Jukka Honkaavara, who was the first person to ever place on online bet on sports when he did so with Intertops back in 1996. Honkaavara may not have played a major role in building the industry, but it is clear many believe he deserves recognition for his landmark wager.

Paying Due Recognition

Cementing the big names who have tirelessly contributed towards building and expanding the global sports betting industry is at the very heart and core of the Sports Betting Hall of Fame. These are the individuals who have invested something of their very person into building something bigger and better than their individual selves, and then investing what they have created and worked towards in others and for the good and betterment of the industry as a whole.

Selfless acts of service, compromise and paying the price with personal time as the main currency don’t even begin to extensively detail the levels of commitment displayed by the mentioned individuals. Preserving a steely resolve to succeed in the face of massive odds is boosted by public recognition and anyone who feels valued for what they have achieved for the greater good is more likely to continue to give it their all.

Boyle, Flint Comment On Inclusion

John Boyle was one of the first of the newly announced inductees to comment on his inclusion this year. Boyle said that to him, it was an honour to be valued at the same level as some of the greatest historical role-players in the sports betting industry. To be able to join the ranks of the likes of Fred Done (Betfred), Warwick Bartlett (ABB), and so many greats, is the real honour of it all, said Boyle. Boyle also expressed a heartfelt wish that Boylesports would continue to add value to the industry in future.

Richard Flint appeared especially pleased with the news that he too has been included as one of this year’s new inductees. To Flint, it’s obviously all about being seen and being recognised for all of the contributions that he has made in his own personal capacity. He expressed gratitude for having been granted to the opportunity of being recognised alongside others who have gone before him and have achieved so much in terms of building the industry into what it is today.

Mission Accomplished

Many others on the list of new inductees expressed gratitude and appreciation much in the same vein as Boyle and Flint. Judging by the responses verbalised by everyone on the new inductees list, its quite obvious that the Sports Betting Hall of Fame truly is achieving what it has set out to do. Recognition really does uplift and motivate the spirit to want to do better and do more. This year’s group, it seems, will not be the exception to the rule.

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