Online Bookies Reveal Nobel Peace Odds

September 17, 2020

- Grant Whittington
Since 2020 has been – and currently still is – a year almost exclusively driven by a global health crisis and those efforts associated with managing the biggest crisis facing humanity in the entire history of modern man, it makes perfect sense that online sports bookies have the World Health Organisation leading the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize race.

And since before disaster struck, it was Sweden’s Greta Thunberg who could be seen making environmental awareness headlines, her second-position placement isn’t out of the blue either.

Even so, with the likes of The Red Cross, Mother Theresa, and the United Nations having previously won the exceptional award, and along with the likes of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Games, the European Union, and the Black Lives Matter movement this year ranking quite high up on the list of potential winners, a lot could happen with the shifting of the odds before the October 9 Nobel winner announcement.

Essentially, so say the bookies, the winner of the 2020 edition of the award remains a toss-up.

Paddy Power’s Top 3

Though the candidates hovering around the top of the list of Nobel Peace Prize possibilities range from U.S. President Donald Trump and South Korea President Moon Jae-In on the one end of the spectrum, to international movements such as Black Lives Matter and Reporters Without Borders on the other, Paddy Power’s Nobel Prize list of betting odds does draw the emphasis to three list-leaders in particular.

And at a win probability percentage of 16.7%, and odds of 5/1, the only list-runner even getting close to list dominators WHO (28.6%, 5/2) and environmental activist Greta Thunberg (25%, 3/1), is Kiwi PM Jacinda Ardern. The New Zealand Prime Minister has been the recipient of much praise and admiration resulting from her handling of everything from national unemployment rates to the country’s exemplary response to a global health disaster.

Maybe The WHO – Likely Not

Given that this year’s prize can hardly be expected to focus on anything but humanity’s fight against a global health catastrophe, the WHO seems at first glance to be the likely forerunner. But even though the organisation has been carrying the weight of the world’s health on its shoulders, it hasn’t altogether escaped criticism over its handling of the crisis and of China. Still – the WHO remains the trusted global organisation in finding and developing a cure and vaccine.

What may very well end up toppling its leading position is that of a general consensus among scientists and medical experts regarding the need for a massive improvement and “stepping up” if the organisation is to emerge successful as having supported the planet in the fighting off of any future catastrophes of this size and extent.

All of which leave PM Jacinda Ardern in the position of the most likely choice for the 2020 edition of the coveted prize.

Ardern As Deserving As Anyone

What the New Zealand government has managed to achieve in its fight against the crisis is  nothing short of remarkable – let alone worthy of emulation.

Ardern’s government has in fact proved itself exceptional at warding off disaster – and in fact is now being hailed by many to be the exemplary frontrunner. No surprise too, as since around halfway through September, New Zealand has recorded only 24 deaths related to the current crisis, and fewer than 1,800 infections confirmed a across a total national population of more than 4.8 million people.

Significant to note too is that Ardern in 2019 Ardern lost the prize to Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, but only by a very small margin.

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