BHA Issues Warning Over Race Fixer’s Release

April 23, 2020

- Grant Whittington

So notorious is convicted fraudster, horse racing money launderer and cocaine smuggler Brian Brendan Wright, 73, that the British Horse Racing Industry has warned not only the industry but also Wright himself, to steer clear of one another. The industry said by way of statement by an official industry spokesperson, that even though Wright has now served his time, he is still not permitted to contact any of the industry’s registered personnel for any purpose whatsoever.

The concern from the industry’s point of view is obviously that the 73-year-old con man will attempt to reconnect with his old less-than-honourable contacts in the sport, so as to effectively carry on where he had left off, so to speak.

Wright had earned for himself the nickname of “Milk Man” due to his habit of having always “delivered”.

Association’s Concerns Are Valid

The industry has every right to feel concerned about Wright’s release back into freedom. The man described by British intelligence as possibly the most “sophisticated” cocaine trafficker ever to have targeted the United Kingdom” utilised the sport of horse racing in for the purposes of cleaning his filthy money.

In the 80s and 90s he had grown into a gigantic force in the local horseracing industry, and even though he was but merely a bettor, he played big and won big, along with having supposedly having fixed races and even possibly doping horses.

The British Horse Racing Association has said in its statement that Wright will only qualify for attending and partaking in horse racing again in 2023.

Half A Sentence Served

Wright spent only 15 years out of a possible 30 behind prison bars and is reportedly staying in bail hostel ever since he was declared a free man. Wright’s crimes are however seen in a very serious light by British authorities and so if he did want to re-engage with the industry at some point in the future, he would have to lodge a formal application to have the exclusion lifted. And even in the event of sufficient time having passed and formal applications made, these types of applications more often than not get rejected right out of hand. Wright may never be involved with the British horse racing industry ever gain.

He Smuggles And He Dopes

Wright is well known for having scammed the entire industry out of millions leading up to the year in which the ban was first implemented, namely 2002. Implemented by the Jockey Club, the ban was enforced alongside a warning by the club at the time regarding Wright having defrauded the “betting public” on several occasions.

And what’s more, Brian Wright had a great deal of help from inside the industry. One of those who were eventually banned alongside Wright had been jockey Graham Bradley. He (Bradley) was banned from racing horses for a period of 5 years after he admitted to having had received money and gifts from Wright in return for his having spilled the beans on sensitive inside race information. Wright’s interests in horse racing extended only as far as cleaning his dirty drug smuggling money in a way that would make it seem like his income had been generated in legitimate ways.

No End To Wright’s Evil

Former-jockey Dermot Browne during that same year (2002) admitted to having, upon Wright’s request, doped at least 23 horses some 12 years earlier. Wright had supposedly been only to happy to part with $5,000 for every horse that Browne had been instructed to dope.

Browne said at the time that Wright’s modus operandi involved targeting small-runner races, which would typically be run by two horses only. This made doping one of the two horses a sure-fire way in which to predict which horse could be counted on to win the race.

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