Why The Betting Industry Can Benefit From Streaming

March 10, 2020

- Grant Whittington

The world of betting on sports has not only entered a new decade, but also a brand-new phase in its progress and development and one that must be navigated with care, according to industry experts and general watchdogs. A new challenge now beckons on the horizon – one of the industries having to come up with creative new ways in which to develop not only stronger consumer products, but also products capable of attracting to the industry the discerning dynamic that is Generation Z.

2020 basically kicked off with the UK Gaming Commission’s Neil McArthur announcing a list of concerns relating to the betting industry’s confidence having basically fallen to its lowest “ebb” yet. Participation is apparently shrinking by miles per shot and according to the UKGC CEO, eSports will have to from scratch rediscover its magic if those now entering life as working young adults are going to be tempted into engaging.

Simply put: its no longer good enough to rely on eSports acting as sports betting’s generational hook. Actual action is required.

Keeping It Simple Is Best

And the secret to it all – the secret that will attract the Zoomers in their drones, is the use of streaming services within the context of eSports. This according to head of sports and product propositions at Sports Information Services (SIS), Rohini Sardana.

Sardana commented on the various elements currently at play during a recent interview and expressed the opinion that younger audiences are used to what is commonly referred to as short-form content. They want it instant and they want it free of the hindrances caused by paywalls.

It’s a simple fact that true to the very basics of primary human nature, bettors are more likely to engage with products that are presented in short-form style content that is both easy to understand as well as drama-free when it comes to instant access.

Basically, keep it short and sweet and simple, and they will come.

Running On Weekday Empty

The current dynamic of betting websites in the mornings on weekdays is perhaps the most powerful testament to the necessity for ease and hassle-free. Working in a session here and there during a quick break is only viable when quick is actually part of the equation.

And as for streaming betting services, one has only to consider the landslide successes enjoyed by platforms like Twitch and YouTube. By implementing the same type of strategy and approach, SIS hopes to tap the same success right from the source. What streaming will basically do is to elevate the entire experience. The idea is that by creating enough excitement about engaging with eSports and a roll-over sports betting industry in general, Zoomers will become more inclined to graduate onwards to betting on more traditional sports content.

A Much Better Alternative

Familiarity coupled with a keen interest is the key, continued Sardana. This is perfectly evident when analysing the current state of humanity’s heritage in betting and gaming. Familiarity, especially, is absolutely crucial when attempting to introduce anything new to a new audience. And betting truly is no exception to the rule.

Overkill is far from the right answer. By presenting audiences with too much information and too many niche markets all at once, a culture of avoid-rather-than-overwhelmed is cemented into the fabric of the industry. Or in other words: the perfect antidote to incorporation and success.

For this reason, concluded Sardana, the vision of SIS is to keep it simple and to slowly familiarise – as opposed to dumping it down all at once, alienating and looking on as potential customers flee the scene.

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