The future Manchester City manager?

September 07, 2015

- Grant Whittington

With the Premier League season now at an end, the speculation can begin as to which managers will retain their jobs beyond the summer. Interestingly, West Ham United coach Sam Allardyce has already been relieved of his duties, with the board announcing that a successor will be hired as quickly as possible over the course of the coming weeks.

There is now a huge amount of speculation concerning the identity of the next manager to lose their job, and Betfair have all the latest odds on who’s likeliest for the chop.

That said there are now immediately obvious candidates as the dust settles on another epic English league season.

Will Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini face the Chop? 

Certainly, Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers will face an uncomfortable few weeks as the players embark on their end of season holidays, especially when you consider the impact of Steven Gerrard’s departure, Raheem Sterling’s contract rebellion and the fact that the club were humbled 6-1 at Stoke on the final day. The previous season’s swashbuckling efforts may well have given Rodgers some breathing space, however, meaning that media pundits may need to look elsewhere to find the next victim of the managerial merry-go round.

Perhaps the most fascinating speculation surrounds Manchester City’s Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini. After delivering a disappointing, trophy-less campaign (in which his team surrendered their league crown and folded abjectly to an all-conquering Barcelona side in the Champions League), he is left facing an uncertain future that may well lead to his departure during the summer. While there appear to be no immediate plans to relieve him of his duties, the board are expected to meet in the next two weeks to consider their options.

The Last Word

As ever, the board’s decision will be influenced heavily by the alternative options available. The availability of Jurgen Klopp may well appeal to the City directors, while Atletico Madrid’s disappointing season may well encourage talented Argentinian coach Diego Simeone to seek out a new challenge. The presence of Patrick Vieira is also a factor, especially if recent media reports are to be believed.

Not only does Vieira boast a wealth of international experience and proven leadership skills, but he also remains exceptionally well thought of by representatives of the club. Above all else, his appointment would suit the hierarchy’s so-called holistic approach to managing the club, which would implore them to recruit from within rather than recruiting externally.

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