Ralph Topping Says UK Could Lead Betting

September 10, 2020

- Grant Whittington

Former William Hill Group CEO and recently inducted Sports Betting Hall of Famer Ralph Topping is as in tune with the local UK gambling regulations pulse as what anyone could ever be expected to be. And according to the industry guru, the UK gambling industry, providing of course it were to play its cards right, could become a world leader in safer gambling and betting. The only make or break factor would according to Topping be the UK Government showing some vision for the industry.

According to the former William Hill big boss, the United Kingdom is, as it is, already a leading world force in the safer gambling department. The only thing left remaining to be done at this stage of the game, said Topping during an interview for SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital, is for Government to try and harness that force already in existence.

UK Bookies Have Much To Offer

UK bookies, explained Topping, are in high demand. And this all irrespective of whether they happen to be doing business in the U.S., Europe, or even South America – the demand, said Topping, remains the same. As such, the industry veteran says he believes the UK to have a great deal to offer to the rest of the world.

Referring to his own personal summary of the situation revolving around Government and the UK gambling market, Topping said what is now most necessary is for Government to show itself strong and visionary by exploring the various prospects needed in order to bring about the development of a world-leading quality of industry.

The reality of the matter, however, is that according to Topping, the UK Government has managed to draw unto itself a reputation of killing off strong industries. Since government doesn’t ever actually appear aware of which direction it would like to be headed in, Topping says it has become necessary for a one-eighty-turnaround.

Comments On The Act & Football

Topping also referred specifically to the 2005 Gambling Act. This is an act, he explained, that was born when there was indeed in office a reasonably strong Government. And one perfectly capable of taking positions, standing by those positions, and working alongside the industry.

But it’s unfortunately a Government that has failed to remain resolute and able, and one progressively weakened over time. This type of leadership in Government, said Topping, is an actual danger to the gambling industry. Single-issue groups were never meant to have so much influence on the making of policies, explained Topping – irrespective of whether those policies sought to govern Brexit or gambling.

A policy currently being pushed for is a complete ban on all gambling sports sponsorship partnerships. And interestingly enough, Topping’s standpoint on this particular argument isn’t exactly what one would automatically assume it to be. Having served as chairman of the Scottish Professional Football League, Topping, if anything, has gained from his time serving the league, a rare and unique perspective regarding the dynamic of the relationship between the betting industry and football.

Those pushing for football betting sponsorships to be banned appear to have lost track of a single significant key consideration, explained the former William Hill CEO. And that is that Lottery games, and not gambling sponsorships, are what’s actually posing a major threat to under-age minors and young children’s future relationships with gambling and betting.

The relationship between sports betting and gambling and football was actually quite good while it lasted. But Topping says he fears everyone may now be headed each in their own direction, which really won’t be doing anyone any amount of good at the end of the day.

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