William Hill/CBS Sports Deal Now Imminent

February 11, 2020

- Grant Whittington

Sports betting is bigger than big in the United States. This is no secret. And thanks to the imminent finalisation of a new partnership deal with US media giant and trail-maker CBS Sports, William Hill will soon be in a position to capitalise even more on the now legal age-old soul relationship between betting and sports.

According to prominent media publication The Sunday Times, all indications are that the finalisation of the deal will be announced soon, as well as in-depth details regarding what all it entails. The partnership negotiations are according to the publication now moving toward the close and end of the final stage.

Deal Is Once Again On

The news that the deal is once again “on” is fantastic news indeed; and especially so from the bookmaker’s point of view. Negotiations were first reported as having commenced back in January, but this was soon followed by rumours of the entire thing having fallen apart. If the deal were to be finalised as is currently rumoured to be case, William Hill will soon have access to a larger audience than ever before. An estimated 42 million people visit CBS Sports’ website every single month of the year. For William Hill, this is nothing short of next-level exposure and marketing on steroids.

The bookmaker has been on a mission to diversify its offerings as well as to secure more airtime on a variety of cross-brand platforms. As far as visibility goes, William Hill could not ask for a more favourable situation than to feature its brand and offerings on CBS Sports.

Long Line Of Deals

This proposed deal between William Hill and CBS Sports is the latest in a long line of similar engagements to have been confirmed over the course of the past 2 years. Ever since sports betting was legalised in the United States back in 2018, there’s been no slamming on of the brakes to the betting gravy train. Last year saw the deal of the year take place when GVC Holdings and US-partner MGM Resorts International went all in on a deal that would ultimately become one of the biggest sports media partnerships to date. The deal was struck with none other than industry giant Yahoo Sports; now the official media sponsorship partner of not only GVC and MGM Resorts International, but also of their combined premium BetMGM sports betting app.

Necessity Breads Innovation

The main driving force behind the bookmaker having relentlessly chased down the new deal with CBS Sports is without a doubt the major crackdown on Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals in the United Kingdom. William Hill was previously 100% reliant on its retail betting reach in the UK, but now that the maximum stake has been reduced from £100 to only £2, William Hill has no option other than to look for diversified inroads into creative business opportunities.

In fact, so significantly did the drop in maximum allowable stakes impact the famous bookmaker, that it was left with no other option last year than to permanently close the doors to a staggering 700 of its retail betting shops previously scattered all over England.

That the sports betting boom offers the most welcome of reprieves in trying times on the home front is a logical conclusion. And that’s to say the very least considering the US boom taking American markets by storm as we speak. By successfully sealing the deal with CBS Sports; which certainly appears to be the case at this stage; William Hill will have opened up unto itself a world of promising new opportunities; a world the likes of which only the US is able to create

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