William Hill UK To Combine Online & Retail

July 02, 2020

- Grant Whittington

Sports betting colossus William Hill is about to for the first time ever completely combine its online and retail divisions of business in the UK. Even though the bookmaking giant hasn’t provided too many details regarding the actual restructuring processes from a planned and practical point of view, it did reveal itself of the belief that by merging its two main areas of operation, it will be better equipped to focus on and work toward complete financial recovery by as early as 2021.

All major sports franchises, leagues, bookies, and even career sports bettors have been intensely negatively affected by the cancellation of most big sports events. William Hill obviously hasn’t escaped the financially crippling effects of these cancellations and not unlike most other bookies and operators, even now continues to reel from the negative consequences. It stands to perfect reason then that the company has had to come up with drastic measures in order to ensure its own survival as well as the livelihood of its employees.

Executive Internal Re-Shuffle

What the bookie did let on were details related to a proposed internal executive shuffling brought about by the volumes-reducing nature of the merger of the two mentioned divisions under a single banner of operational control. It has been confirmed that current UK online MD Phil Walker will going forward be positioned at the head of the combined United Kingdom-facing division.

Nicola Frampton, who has been leading the bookmaking giant’s retail business operations up until now, will after an aid-and-assist period of 6 months, be leaving the company of the bookmaking giant. Frampton following the announcement was quoted as referring to the ten years spent in the service of William Hill, as having been an “absolute privilege”.

William Hill Chief Executive Officer Ulrik Bengtsson has since the announcement voiced only praise when referring to Frampton and the decade spent helping to build the bookmaker into the giant industry player it is today. Bengtsson referred to Frampton as a true “driving force” as a member of the bookie’s executive team. Frampton furthermore received recognition for having helped reshape the company’s retail business division.

A Slow But Sure Recover

A completely new department will form part of the new makeup. The “Brand Centre of Excellence” will be headed up by Charlotte Emery, who is William Hill’s current global marketing and brand director.

Other significant changes include the bookmaker closing its Stockholm (Sweden) offices, a decision the bookmaker has described to be part of a greater number of tough decisions having had to be made concerning regions and active markets.

William Hill, it is perfectly clear, has fallen on tough financial times. So much so that group revenue tallied between March 11 and April 28, showed a harrowing 57% drop when compared to the same period last year. And even though the bookie says it feels optimistic after slightly better results were reported during the six weeks leading up to June 9th, group revenue remains some 50% lower than last year.

Even so, the recovery has been a welcome change, and has according to the bookmaker, been largely the work of the return to action by the horse racing industry. The German Bundesliga’s return to play has apparently proved instrumental in the recovery process too. Online international revenue, i.e. global online casino games revenue, perhaps not surprisingly given the absence of betting markets, performed even better when compared to previous years.

William Hill, though passing through a particularly challenging fire, remains as resolved as ever before to keep doing what it does best, which is to provide the best possible sports betting experience to its customers.

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